Headshot CEO Brandy D Christian

Brandy D. Christian

President and CEO of the Port of New Orleans, CEO of the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad

brandy.christian@portnola.com 504.528.3201
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Garri Brown 2707 R cropped copy

Garri Brown

Chief People & Culture Officer

garri.brown@portnola.com 504.528.3268
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Tomeka Bryant 3071 rev cropped

Tomeka Bryant

General Manager, New Orleans Public Belt Railroad

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TMS 1087 J P Escudier

Jean-Paul Escudier

Executive Counsel

jp.escudier@portnola.com 504.528.3231
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Tony Evett Website Headshot

Anthony Evett

Chief of Infrastructure

anthony.evett@portnola.com 504.528.3309
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Matt Gresham 5060 crop copy

Matt Gresham

Chief of Governmental Relations

matt.gresham@portnola.com 504.528.3255
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TMS 8027laura mellum cropped

Laura Mellem

Chief of Staff

laura.mellem@portnola.com 504.528.3379
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77 Mike Stolzman TMS 4743 1

M.D. "Mike" Stolzman

Chief Operating Officer

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TMS 7573 Ronald Wendel jr

Ronald Wendel, Jr.

Executive Vice President & Chief Finance Officer

ronald.wendel@portnola.com 504.528.3258
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Troy Banks 3749 crop

Troy D. Banks

Director, Maintenance

troy.banks@railnola.com 504.896.7425
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Amanda K. Coates

Head of Business Development

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Headshot Christie Coats Tms 4289 1821X2048

Christie Coats

General Manager, Maritime & Asset Management

christie.coats@portnola.com 504.528.3320
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Headshot of Renee Aragon Dolese, Director of Marketing and Communications

Renee Aragon Dolese

Director of Marketing, Communications & Community Engagement

renee.aragon@portnola.com 504.528.3363
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TMS 1980r Ari Ferrand Rodgers Cropped on grey 1

Ari Ferrand-Rodgers

Director of Organizational Development

ari.ferrand-rodgers@railnola.com 504.896.7458
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Headshot Steven Gauthier Web Tms 9333

Steven Gauthier, Jr.

Director of Cruise

steven.gauthier@portnola.com 504.528.3328
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CC77 DFC6 B7 E5 4 CCC A47 F 043 DCC90 E61 D

Chris Gilmore

Director of Engineering & Environmental

chris.gilmore@portnola.com 504.528.3305
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Headshot of John Guidry, Director of Maintenance

John Guidry

Director of Maintenance

john.guidry@portnola.com 504.528.3310
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TMS 4482 Leroy Hensley crop

Leroy Hensley Jr.

Superintendent, Transportation

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Carl Kocur 3825 cropped

Carl Kocur

Vice President, Rail Engineering

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Chanel Labat 8848crop

Chanel M. Labat

Director of Procurement

chanel.labat@portnola.com 504.528.3348
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Janine Mansour 2650r cropped copy

Janine M. Mansour

Head of Key Accounts

janine.mansour@portnola.com 504.528.3318
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TMS 9527 Ike cropped

Isaac McPherson

Director, Operation Planning

isaac.mcpherson@railnola.com 504.896.7447
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TMS 9200melanie montroll crop

Melanie Montroll

Chief, Harbor Police Department

melanie.montroll@portnola.com 504.891.7585 Ext. 2107
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Headshot of Larry Sawatsky, Director of Finance

Larry Sawatsky

Director of Finance & Accounting

larry.sawatsky@portnola.com 504.528.3361
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Michelle Scelson 4879 cropped

Michelle W. Scelson

General Counsel

michelle.scelson@portnola.com 528.3448
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Jeff Thurston 4421 cropped

Jeffrey Thurston

Manager, Operating Practices

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TMS 8384 Turner copy 5

Cedric Turner

Captain, Harbor Police Department, Port of New Orleans

cedric.turner@portnola.com 504.891.7585

Amy L. Dawson

Emergency Management Director

amy.dawson@portnola.com 504.528.3301

Port of New Orleans

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Port of New Orleans Organizational Chart

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